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Our Team, Our Story


It all starts with a passion.

We are groups of native Mandarin speaking mothers, sharing the same passion and education philosophy. We want to raise our kids bilingually.   


When we conducted our own exploration of the best Mandarin program for our kids in Baton Rouge, we were disappointed by the lack of quality Mandarin program choices targeted purposely for early childhood.


After extensive research and study, we launched our Geaux Mandarin.

Our teachers are all native mandarin speakers and we have over 7 years of teaching experiences in China, Canada and the United States.  

Our Vision

"A fun way to learn another language" is our goal to create a joyful, full-immersion environment where our students will explore lots of fun in learning this new language and its culture.

Our theme-based lessons are well-planned and customized to diverse ages of kids, while we respect various learning styles and backgrounds of our students.

What we teach at Geaux Mandarin is not only a language; we are opening doors for enriching our children’s educational experience, as well as building bridges to better connect them to our globalizing world.

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